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Culture Case Study

                                                                                       Case Studies Reference 



                      MultiChrome™  Microbiology                                                                      Sensi-Ring™  Antibiotic

                                 Culture System                                                                                       Sensitivity System


MC Plate                 Hinton plate



                                                                                        Case Studies examples

                                                                                          Type: Gram Positive

Patient/Breed: “Apollo”, 6 yr old  Cocker

Culture Source: Recurrent Ear/Skin infections

GP plate

       MultiChrome Culture Results:

      Gram Positive: Staph/Strep both ears


Sensitivity Results:

results plate4uti


Notes: Because these  are both GP organisms, a GP Sensi-Ring was used. This is a very interesting culture because the Staph is sensitive to many of the common drugs including Penicillin.  The Streptococci, however are resistant to enrofloxicin, which is typical for Streptococci.  They do not usually respond to fluoroquinolones as is demonstrated here.



                                                                                               Type: Ear

Patient/Breed: “Jessie”,

Culture Source: R Ear

Gram Negative side                                     Gram Positive side

MC Plate

                                   MultiChrome Culture Results:

Gram Negative: E. coli                         Gram Positive:  Enterococci


Sensitivity Results:


Results plate

Notes: Mueller Hinton plate was swabbed with both GP and GN material.


                                                                                                  Type: UTI

Patient/Breed: “Molly”, 19 yr old  Feline

Culture Source: Urine


           MultiChrome Culture Results:

                Gram Negative: E-coli


Sensitivity Results:

results plate2


Notes: A Mueller Hinton plate was inoculated with the sediment as well.  A  UTI sensi ring was placed over the growth and incubated for 24 hours.


                                                                                                    Type: UTI

Patient/Breed: “Peaches”, 10 yr old  M/Feline

Culture Source: Urine

GN                                GP

gngp plate

                              MultiChrome Culture Results:

 Gram Negative: E-coli, Kleb               Gram Positive: Enterococci


Sensitivity Results:

results plate4uti


Notes: Only the Augmentin disk (amoxicillin/clavulanate ) and the Trimethoprim/Sulfa disk showed sensitivity to all bacteria.  The Gentamycin (GM) disk showed sensitivity, but the zone of inhibition was too low to be therapeutic.

                                                                                                  Type: Mixed Infection

Patient/Breed: “Baby”, Pomeranian

Culture Source: Anal Glands

GN                                     GP

mixed gngp

                        MultiChrome Culture Results:

Gram Negative: E-coli, Kleb Gram            Positive: Enterococci



Sensitivity Results:

Gram Negative Results Side              Gram Positive Results Slide

mixed Lmixed R


Notes: Antibiotic used “Ciprofloxacin

                                                                                  Type: Mixed Infection #2

Patient/Breed: “Kizzy”, 3 yr old F Pug

Culture Source: Pododermatitis

GN                                                    GP

mixed 2 gngp

                                             MultiChrome Culture Results:

 Gram Negative: Pseudomonas &Kleb                  Gram Positive: Staph & Strep


Sensitivity Results:                                            

Mixed 9L                     mixed 9R


Notes:Kizzy has had demodex mange with pododermatitis for at least one year. There was so much swelling and exudation on the feet that the owner put socks on the dog’s feet to prevent licking.   This dog has been treated for mange and bacterial skin infection by several different vets with no effect.  On presentation, the feet were weeping purulent material.  A culture was taken of the pus that was squeezed out of the skin lesions after the feet were disinfected in chlorhexidine.

                                                                                              Type: Mixed Infection #3

Patient/Breed: “Zoe”, Maltese

Culture Source: Anal Glands

Mixed 10

                                    MultiChrome Culture Results:

       Gram Negative: E.-coli                                Gram Positive: Listeria



 Sensitivity Results:                                    

mixed 10 L            mixed 9R



Notes: Antibiotic used “Clavamox”








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