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In Clinic Culture and Sensitivity Testing


The MultiChrome Microbiology System is an in clinic solution to culture and sensitivity testing. This takes the complexity out of microbiology and allows the vet or vet tech to conduct cultures at the point of care at a fraction of the cost.

The concept is simple. The MultiChrome plate is designed to separate the bacteria into one of two categories, gram positive or gram negative. The system also ignites a color development to further identify the exact organism that has grown. For example a urine sample is placed on the media, it grows a pink colored colony on the gram negative side…this is an E. coli infection….that’s all there is to it.
Further offered as part of the system is antibiotic sensitivity testing. This is equally as simple. In the example above we grew an E. coli from a urine sample now we want to see what antibiotic is best to use on this infection. All the clinic needs to do is transfer the E. coli from the MultiChrome plate and spread it on a sensitivity plate (Muller Hinton), place the sensitivity ring on the Muller Hinton plate and incubate. Each area of the ring is impregnated with the different antibiotics, a zone of no growth will determine if the antibiotic is best suited for use against the bacteria.


What does it cost

The MultiChrome plates will run        $ 13.00

The Muller Hinton plates will run       $ 8.50

The Sensitivity rings will run              $ 13.00    

Total for full culture and sensitivity     $34.50  Saving you over 65% from Labs!

How does this compare to the reference labs?

on average a full culture and sensitivity at a reference laboratory has a price range of $75.00 to $110.00 The MultiChrome system can provide an average savings of over 65% on each culture and sensitivity that the clinic does.

Additionally, a culture report takes 3 to 4 days (or more) to get back from the reference laboratory. Using the MultiChrome system the clinic can have the answers in as little as 16 to 32 hours.

Contact us to see how easy it is to diagnose the correct antibiotic in clinic!  See next tab for case study!


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