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X_ray Equipment

Innovet HF APR system With Digital

Smithers Install

If you are looking to replace your worn out single phase x-ray equipment with state of the art High Frequency, Anatomical  programming (APR), USA made system.  Innovet is the most widely sold x-ray equipment for the veterinary market.

We have a special offering when replacing your old or adding to a new practice along with DR.  You can get a brand new x-ray system below cost when adding DR to your practice.

Table option and Specs.

1. 4 way float top 67″ x 32″ 

2. Stationary table top  53″ x 24″

3. APR Anatomical Programming  (calculates correct kVp and mAs)

4. kVp range 40-125

5. mA range 50-300 mAs range 0.2 to 400

6. Easy to operate lighted Collimator

7. Tower also moves left to right.

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