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Genesis Photo

The GenesisTM

Hematology System


The FIRST and ONLY multi-sample, multi-species walk-a-way in-clinic Hematology system for animal health care using dual Laser and Impedance


Why both Laser and Impedance Technologies?

Impedance is the Gold Standard in counting and sizing cells

Laser is the State-of-the-Art for measuring intra cellular complexity

This Dual Technology increases the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of readings.


The GenesisTM has over 80 Species vs. Other instruments that have 3 to 10

The GenesisTM provides results of a cell by cell analysis!

A True 27 Parameter System                         Complete 6-Part Differential # and %

Nucleated Red Blood Cell # and %                Retics Absolute # and %

Cytograms for WBC, Platelets and RBC Populations

Fully Automated CBC Unit                             Multi Sample Walk-a-way System

20 uL Sample Requirement                           50 uL EDTA Tube

27 Parameters                                               6-part Differential

Reticulocyte # and %                                     NRBC # and %

Over 80 Species included                              No Maintenance


The PhoenixTM

Chemistry System


Solid State LED Technology                            Fully Automated Chemistry Unit

Complete Chemistry Profile                              Icterus Index

Lipemia Index                                                   Hemolysis Index

No Maintenance                                               Self-Cleaning


Both GenesisTM  and PhoenixTM analyzers are American Made!


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