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We converted our radiographic system to Digital in July of 2013.  The only problem we have had with the conversion was answering the question: Why did we delay so long? The quality, speed and ease of radiology in our practice is so dramatically improved that we wonder why we waited so long. Revo squared made the transition so easy with the installations, training and technical support. I would strongly recommend their hard/software services to any of my colleagues.

Pat W Mysinger, DVM


Since we bought our new machine from Duoview (Revo) taking good quality x-rays has become a “breeze”. You get a great image seconds after shooting and if you don’t like it (position or technique) you take another one at no cost to you. It’s been a real time saver.

I’m “Tech challenged” and definitely not computer literate, but Dan Hill is always only a call away and talks me through my shortcomings in minutes.

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made and whole heartedly recommend both the unit and the support staff.

Nicholas J. Milazo


We purchased a Radview DR system from Revo in May of this year to update our imaging capabilities. Prior to this we were taking radiographs using film and had been frustrated with poor image quality and repeat issues with our automatic processor. Since switching over to this digital system we have doubled the number of radiographs taken due to the speed and ease of using this system as well as the excellent image quality. I had imagined that the digital system would be a real asset to the orthopedic cases that we see. I am finding that the image quality is superior and that it is very integral to our internal cases as well.  I was also very impressed with the technical support offered to us through Revo. We had the digital system retrofitted to our old x-ray tube which proved to be difficult for Revo. They went above and beyond and built us a new part to integrate the digital with our old tube and we have been taking excellent digital images ever since! Revo stands behind their product and pursued these problems we were experiencing until a resolution was found. This meant a lot to us because as a busy veterinary clinic we have little time to tend to the bumps in the road experienced adding new equipment to the practice. Revo made the process much easier. We were so impressed with the digital technology this company sells that we are looking to purchase a portable unit for our equine practice.

Ann Roberts, DVM,  Thumb Veterinary Services

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