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 DR Flat Panel

Technologically adept at CsI (cesium) scintillator growth, TFT/PD panel design and fabrication, and detector system design and integration. Our series X-ray flat panel detectors incorporate the proven technology of amorphous silicon. Unlike many manufacturers, we grow CsI in-house according to our high standards and advanced procedures.
The CsI scintillator, which is deposited directly on our flat panel substrate in a high temperature and high vacuum environment, has unique micro needle structure that results in outstanding conversion efficiency from X-ray to visible photon, excellent spatial resolution, and stability.
Our detectors offer superior performance with expansive dynamic range, excellent sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, and reliable environment adaptability.
Based on performance requirements, through optimized CsI scintillators, photodiodes and TFTs, All Vet can supply outstanding flat panel detectors to meet a broad range of applications

MicroVet:  NEW 

The MultiChrome Microbiology System ia an in clinic solution to Culture and Sensitivity Testing.  We take the complexity out of microbiology and allows the bet or vet tech to conduct cultures at the point of care at a fraction of the cost.

Innovet HF X-ray Equipment

The Innovet X-ray systems are the most widely sold x-ray systems in the veterinary market.  With lots of options when adding Digital to your practice.  Let us show you our special pricing when adding DR to your practice.

Oxford Science Lab Equipment 

Another USA manufactured equipment for the Veterinary Market.  Cut your test in half with better results and lower acquisition than any other lab equipment.


ImageWorks Dental DR

Make taking dental easy with Imageworks wall mount or portable film less DR system.




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