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If you need it in your practice we have it

We are a national distributor headquartered in Atlanta, GA, providing affordable solutions for digital x-ray, X-ray, dental x-ray, reference lab, lab equipment, Ultrasound, and introducing, MultiChrome the only in clinic solution to Culture and Sensitivity Testing. Results in less than 24 hours!

Looking for the best image for that pocket pet or exotic, yet need a great view for that small animal, we have the perfect solution.

We have the best resolution flat panel systems,  wired and wireless, Cesium screen, fits in any table, or mobile practice, as well as a perfect solution for the large or mixed practice.

Click on the tabs above to understand the differences in digital systems, CR verses DR, this will take all the guess work out of which digital system is right for your practice.


MultiChrome….MicroVet: In clinic solution to culture and sensitivity testing at a fraction of the cost.  No more 3-5 days to get a negative result.  In house sensitivity in less than 24 hours.  Cost to Clinic are only $10.00 to $35.00 way less than Antech or Idexx.


DR Solutions:

If you are shooting 3 or more cases a week, we can show you how digital will be more affordable than your current film cost, with our Return on Investment Calculator.

Do not let other companies put a “full court press” on you to buy their product. They are only a re-seller of foreign products.

With our ROI calculator, using your current operating costs, we can give you an honest appraisal on which of our systems will give you the best return on your investment.

Additional Partners

Oxford Science for all your in-house blood work.  Another great American built product.

Image Works Dental DR simplify your dental experience with one of the most affordable DR Dental Systems 

Rapid Labs 15-40% saving on all reference lab work with our meet or beat guarantee.



Let All Vet Imaging be your trusted consultant and supplier. 

 We will save you more money than any other imaging company!

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